Wigs & Pictures of Boobs

Not a very exciting weekend. Some family came into town and quickly left. It was hot outside and inside my non air conditioned house. On Sunday Ben & I went to the store and saw THE WIG again. Since this is the 2nd time that I have seen him at the store I have decided that he must live in my neighborhood. The novelty is wearing off. Ben had seen him once before when we were house shopping. But this time it was up close & personal. He got to look at the hair. Some of his comments included "I think he tases his wig. Or maybe the activator doubled with the sweat from the heat makes it that big." Either way I had to leave THE WIG'S vicinity because I was laughing too hard. Next time I will have a camera phone handy.

Speaking of which, my work is getting me a camera phone. I guess that whole thing about taking pictures of my boobs and sending them to Ben may become a reality. I mean, how can I not???


Josh said...

my wife hasnt ever done that for me, damnit. but then again..i dont really care. the quality on camera phones sucks ass for the most part. i dont want a pink blur with a slight browner/redder pink blur at the tip..that could be a dick, a boob, rudolph the red nose reindeer..whatever.

Kiddo78 said...

What's THE WIG?? I'm assuming someone in your neighborhood has a pretty bad one?

First a car, now a phone...I'd be happy if I had dental coverage!