Flowers & Haircuts

I'm so excited that there is actual life outside. The naked trees have little tiny leaves coming in. And our tulips are out of control. These dark purple ones are my favorite.

So then I got bored and decided to give our resident Gremlin (aka my dog Willie) a haircut. It was way overdue. He is total velcro when he goes outside. He comes back in with various twigs and leaves hanging from his face.


And after. Much cuter, still sleeping all day.


katie said...

Willie is so cute! I love his googily eyes.

BigDubb said...

Is it me, or is he not so keen on his new do?

Your quite the barber.

ab said...

I don't think it's the haircut he doesn't like, he actually tolerates those pretty well. It's the camera he doesn't like. He always looks in the other direction when I point it at him. Now my other dog, she seriously poses. Total ham.

Kiddo78 said...

Funny dog! The leaves are starting to reappear here too, which is so welcomed. It's been brown & dreary too long!

Christine said...

Your dog is so cute I had to show my husband the pictures. The haircut is super-cute too.

And look at those tulips. When I got home from the trip there were tons of tulips on the walk to my building planted by my super. I don't know where he gets all these flowers.