The Wig

Something strange has ocurred lately that I feel the need to share. It's a phenomenon/person I refer to as "The Wig". The Wig is a very short man, shorter than me. I'm 5'2". He's short. He's possibly in his 50s and wears glasses. He looks to be of Italian descent and has the most horrible wig in the world. It's all jerry-curled and almost to his shoulders. It's hideous.

The strange thing about "The Wig" is that I have seen him 3 times in the past 2 weeks, at completely different places in completely different neighborhoods. Here are "The Wig" sightings thusfar:

Sighting #1: March 4th, 2005. The gym in downtown Portland. Approx 8pm. Wearing far too much cologone.

Sighting #2: March 18th, 2005. I was out to lunch with a vendor who was schmoozing me. We went to a fancy restaurant on the waterfront that is attached to a hotel. As I was walking to the restroom I saw him at the lobby checking out and saying "See you on Wednesday".

Sighting #3: March 21st, 2005. My neighborhood grocery store. He was walking out as I was walking in. Because this was the 3rd sighting in the same month I literally just stopped dead in my tracks and stared.

Amazing. 3 times in one month. In 3 different neighborhoods. How can this be? Hopefully next time I will have my camera with me. The I will be share "The Wig" phenomenon with all of my blogging friends.


Derek said...

I HAVE to see a picture of this guy!! :)

katie said...

That is so bizzare. I wonder why he is staying at the fancy hotel so much. He is obviously a regular there if he said "see you wednesday". Maybe he is stalking YOU!

BigDubb said...

I think I might have smelled that guy before.

Hell, that might be me....

Orchid Lover said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard from this post. I too, would love to see a picture of this guy!

Josh said...

ok, ill be unoriginal. i need to see a pic of this bloke :) but a funny story!

hey..didja put a pin on my guestmap? please do, cuz yer a frequent visitor..and a cool blogger too :D :D :D

thanks for adding me to yer cool friends thing..