Another Observation from The Gym

I went to the gym around 8pm last night. It's the perfect time because it's not crazy crowded but there are enough people there to do a fair amount of people watching. Plus I got to spend some time with my friend/nemesys the treadmill while watching TV. It was beautiful.

As I stepped into the locker room I glanced over at the pool area and noticed this woman who was in the pool. Swimming. Fully dressed. I'm talking a white t-shirt, khaki pants and socks. SOCKS! IN THE POOL! No wait, it gets even better. She got out of the pool, gave her shirt and pants a good wringing, and headed straight into the main gym area. I'm thinking she was pretty happy with her idea of wash & wear. To me this was freakin hilarious. I looked at this other girl that was witnessing the same thing. I think we both watched it for a couple of minutes. I was so enthralled by this that I didn't even notice that the girl next to me was completely naked (we were in the locker room, of course). As the pool lady tried to get on one of the arm machines she was quickly escorted out by one of the employees. It's contastant entertainment at the gym. It's almost better than the DMV...almost.


Kiddo78 said...

That is really strange. Sometimes I just sit & wonder how some people get so fugging crazy. Weird.

Josh said...

maybe she was having hot-flashes and was lazy about her clothes, but energetic about working out.

beats me :)

katie said...

That is just hilarious. Maybe she was trying to add more weight in the water to increase her workout. Or maybe she is just a freak!