I know there are a lot of haters out there, so don't even start. I'm going to see the Lakers play tonight. Yes, I live in Blazers country. And, yes, the Lakers SUCK ASS this season. But my company has Blazers season tickets & they are in the very front row where the visiting team comes in. And tonight they play the Lakers. My husband has been a die-hard Lakers fan since before he was able to talk. So, tonight I will proudly wear my Lakers gear and be mocked by all you Blazers people. Whatever. My seats are better than yours.


BigDubb said...

There are four things in this world I absolutely HATE.

The New York Yankees
Green Bay Packers Fans
The Los Angeles Lakers

I won't hold the lakers against you though. Shit if I did, kobe might rape you.

I hope the Lakers lost.
Damn, I just checked.

BigDubb said...

Oh, I hope you had a blast. Games with great seats are AWESOME regarldess of who is playing. Unless it is the jazzs and the raptors, that game might suck.

katie said...

I think that is really exciting. I'm not a fan of bandwagon teams (Lakers, Yankees, etc), but I still think it would be cool to see any of them play. Hope you had a good time.