Won't You Be My Neighbor

On Saturday night our next-door neighbors invited us out to dinner. A brief background on our neighbors.

We have lived in our house for aboout 9 months now. We live in the coolest neighborhood EVER. You can walk 3 blocks and have access to absolutely everything you would ever need. Our house is located on a quiet, tree-lined Portland street. Our next door neighbors are the only ones on our street (besides us) who don't have kids. One day last summer they invited us over to their house for dinner. After some beers, my husband says, "So give me the scoop, who are the weird people in the neighborhood." That's when my neighbors raised their hands. I knew from that point on that we were going to be friends forever!

Back to Saturday night. We are going out to dinner & we realize that the evening has an ulterior motive. They tell us that they are moving out in April because construction will begin on their house. That would be the 7 MONTH CONSTRUCTION PROJECT. They are adding on a 2nd floor and completely re-doing the interior and exterior of their hosue. Did I mention that this was happening right next door?

I love that they told us in this way. Seriously, they totally understand that this will disturb us greatly. What keeps me going is knowing that our property value is going to be positively affected by this.

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BigDubb said...

That is very considerate of thems.

We have lived in our neighborhood for over a year and a half. We only occassional (when he is in town and out side his house) speak to one of our neighbors.