And the saga continues

A while ago I asked readers to give me their thoughts on a certain gift exchange snafu. I deleted the post because some a-hole felt the need to write obscene things in the comments. Really, anonymous dude, that was so unnecessary. At least have the balls to give up your name if you're going to write what a fucked up biotch I am. Moving on. Here's the story of the gift exchange.

An old friend and I are big, HUGE fans of a certain TV show that is no longer on the air (NO it's not Seinfeld). The day I found out that it was coming out on DVD I sent her an email. She had the idea that we should get it for eachother for Christmas. I send her one & she sends me one. So I sent mine. And I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Come New Year's I finally asked her about it. Turns out it's sitting on her counter already wrapped, just not sent. But the sucky thing is, she never got mine. I tracked it on Amazon & it said that it was delivered on December 14th. But she doesn't have it. Are her neighbors enjoying it? What the hell? Was this just not meant to be or what???

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BigDubb said...

That sucks. Have you tried calling amazon? I understand they occassionally replace stuffs like that.

Anonymous posters SUCK. it seems that they (the anonymi (sp?)) only post as to berate. You never get "Great post" from an aononomin. (Im totally making words up here). I thnik the anonimi posses a certain level of assininity.