I have always had a weakness for candy. Since birth. About a year ago I discovered the candy version of Altoids. First the sour lemon. Then the sour tangerine. I found myself eating an entire tin of the stuff in one day. After that I couldn't have them for a month.

I haven't purchased the candy Altoids in about a year because of this very reason. They are my heroin. Seriously. So I'm at Target today & I heard something call my name next to the checkout. It was a lovely red tin of Altoids, one I had not tried before. I look to see that they are sour apple. OH MY GOD. All my life I have loved candy. And sour apple ANYTHING has always been my favorite. So I broke down and bought a tin. I have already eaten half of it. This can't be good for me, but they are soooo freakin' good. I can feel the roof of my mouth getting slightly sore yet I keep popping Altoids. I need help.


BigDubb said...

No offense, but that is sick.

Erin is the same way. She can sit down and eat a whole bag of skittles and not even wince. My mouth gets pretty raw after eating one of those altoids (i've only had like three). I can't imagine what four or five or 15 might do. They are so tart they make the back of my jaw ache and speach an option.

Anonymous said...

altoids are the single worst thing possible for your teeth! Goos luck getting those extracted!