Trick or Treat

Halloween in my neighborhood was cute. The "Monster March" was a neighborhood parade of all the little kids in their costumes. They closed off Milwaukie Ave. for the event.

After around 6pm we were bombarded with swarms of kids. I counted 10 Spiderman & almost as many Superman costumes. My favorite was this little boy, couldn't have been more than 2 years old, wearing these GIANT cowboy boots and spurs. He couldn't get down my front stairs without the aid of his mother, each spur got caught on the step behind him. He was cute enough to say "Thank you" after I handed him way more candy than I should have. Cuteness points count at my house.

Here's what irked me. The 16 year-old kids who thought they were so creative putting on their pajamas and walking around with pillow cases for bags. Come on! I never did that. By 16 I was at parties, not trick-or-treating. They got the smallest, bite size Milky Way Dark I could find.

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BigDubb said...

Serves thems fuckers right.

We had a blow out with kids like that at our house for halloween this last year.

I don't give candy to kids I don't think are dressed up.


'Cause I'm a fucker that's why.

I think there might be a log cabin in the middle of nowhere with a manifesto just asking to be written from within with my name on it.