Weekly Apprentice Rant

My take on last night's episode of The Apprentice is simple. Elizbeth has no balls. Period. How in the world do you go from truly believing in your idea, actually being excited about it, to scrapping it all together. Oh wait, I know, let others influence your decision.

Hello Elizabeth, here's some advice. When trying to present an idea that you truly believe in to other people, don't talk to the table. Look at the people you're talkng to. And for the love of God, LOOK LIKE YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT THE TASK. She was so darn convicning when talking to the camera, but she didn't convey that excitement to her team. She just sort of talked about it from behind this front she put up to protect herself. Bad, bad no ball having lady!

Donald so did the right thing by firing her right off the bat.


BigDubb said...

Im reading yoru older shit, cause I don't feel like working.

With that being said, arent women not supposed to have balls. It kind of brings images from the crying game to mind.

ab said...

The Crying Game. Ha! That's funny. Only figuratively speaking about the balls. I wouldn't really want to know that much about anybody.