Fall Colors

The one great thing about moving from Southern California to the NW is witnessing actual seasons. I'm a bit biased, I love So Cal. I love the weather, I love MOST of the people, I simply loved living there. I didn't, though, like paying to live there. Really, you pay for the great weather. Especially in San Diego.

But, the NW is slowly stealing my heart. This picture is of a tree in my front yard. There are dozens like it that line my street and all the streets in my neighborhood. It amazes me how the leaves change colors almost daily.

I'm coming up on 1 year in Oregon (November 24th). I have enjoyed the spring, I have loved the summer, but I think fall has to be my favorite by far. The only winter I have witnessed here had me stuck in my house for 3 days due to snow. But I understand that this was a very rare thing. I like to call it my welcome to Portland initiation. I'm glad I stuck around.

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