Obligatory Introduction

Hi! Thanks for reading my little blog. Each day I plan to bore you with my life as the big 3-0 draws near. Really, it's not freaking me out so much. A good friend said that turning 30 was the best thing that ever happened to her. We'll see.

I've done more than a lot of people my age have done thusfar. I have lived in 3 countries (born in Poland, a brief stint in Austria and the last 26 years in the good ol' USA).

I recently left California for the first time since I was 7, now I live in Portland, OR. It's pretty darn cool, actually. I have a great job & a really cute house. Can't complain. It sucks being away from family & friends, but you're only young once.

On another note, I have a new favorite Starbucks addiction...ice white chocolate mocha. Let the drooling commence.

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