Word of the Day: Feeble

How timely, this is exactly how I have been feeling for the last month: Feeble. It started out, what seems ages ago, with a little cough. That developed into a sinus infection, which developed into a mondo cough, which developed into walking pneumonia. Anything with a silent "p" sucks. Bring on the antibiotics!

So I started feeling a little better, even worked out a time or two. Then came the appointment. Earlier in the year I asked my doctor about a suspicious mole. She recommended that I have it removed. So I did last week. Leading up to the appointment I was nervous, somebody was going to cut a part of me off. Even though that part was definitely not cute, and potentially harmful, it was still attached to me, and somebody was going to cut it out of me. Little did I know that the procedure itself would be the least of my worries. How about the recovery? Nobody talked to me about that! The mole was removed from my left side, on the upper ribcage. So, you know, a part that is constantly moving as a result of standing upright. Good times!

The first night after the procedure was awful. The local wore off and I woke up at 2am feeling like somebody was scraping at my skin with a dull knife. I panicked a little and got up real fast. Then I almost passed out. Then I popped 4 Advil and went back to sleep. After a week, I'm still not right. It's healing, but so very slowly, due to the location. Movement is still limited.

If somebody were to tell me 2 weeks ago what the recovery from this would be like, I would have completely chickened out. No way in hell. So maybe it's a good thing that I didn't know? And if somebody were to tell me last December what my March/April would be like, I would have never left Maui.

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