Ever feel the need to get away and just figure stuff out? I've got a lot going on in my head these days. Things are stirring up in there like a pot of soup that's just about to boil over. Things like issues with my brother, an ailing uncle in another country, issues with friends, how I deal with people, letting people influence my decisions, and how the hell I'm going to sell my house. I need one of those retreats that writers take out in the mountains in a desolate cabin. Let's just hope I don't crash my car and find myself at Cathy Bates' house. Yikes!


Predo said...

I have one thing to say to you, Day Spa!

If that doesn't work, I have a huge basement, and SSG and I can whip out some fantastic Lemon Drops!!!

I am here if you need me.......

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I'm here for you too! Sending you a BIG, BIG HUG! I hope you're able to relax this weekend!

Sorry I just got caught up over your last few posts. I'm glad to hear you don't feel the need to make things right for your brother. That's way too much for one person to do and it's an impossible task. I hope this situation rectifies itself, but for now all you can do is make the most of your relationship with your parents and it sounds like you guys have SUCH a good one.