Happy Things



See these little guys? These are the fish that spend all day with me. They sit on my desk at my home office, and they keep me sane when crazy talk ensues on one of the many conference calls I attend each day. Lately their bowl has been a tad green. My fault, really. I sit in a very bright room with lots of light, which causes all sorts of life forms to be born within that environment.

Today I decided that I need to do something each and every day that makes me happy. We all need a little happiness in our lives, no matter how small. Life is tough enough what with the economy and the Chris Brown/Rhianna fiasco to deal with. So today begins my quest to do one thing that makes me and/or others happy each day.

And these little guys? They are very happy swimming in clear water. It was a challenge catching them in the frame because they were swimming around so fast!

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Predo said...

Ah, they feel like they are on vacation and just came back to a Dream House Makeover!

I bet they love what you have done with the furniture! One thing though, do you think they will keep it clean or fall back into the same problem they had before? Do we need to call the people from "How clean is your house"?