Weekend In Newport Beach

Ben had a conference in Newport Beach over the weekend, so I tagged along. I took many naps, visited many over-priced department stores, and went on many beach walks. One of those walks took me to the Balboa peninsula, where I used to spend a lot of time in high school. The boardwalk there is always filled with rollerbladers and people on beach cruisers.


On Thursday the sun was shining, of course, and the waves were pretty small. It was the perfect setting.




As I was sitting there taking it all in, a new friend came to visit. He was a chubby black lab who let me pet him and sat next to me facing the ocean. It was almost as if he didn't want to interrupt, he just wanted to appreciate it all with me.

And then, they took him away. Apparently he was a stray that had come all the way from Huntington Beach, which is a good distance for a guy like him to wander.

The remaining days consisted of a large family dinner, many more naps, and a post-brunch walk on the pier.

Finally, no trip to So Cal would be complete without the artery-clogging goodness that is the Tommy burger and chili-cheese fries.

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Josh said...

i prefer in-n-out :)