Trip Recap – Part 1

My trip to San Diego was awesome. The weather wasn’t all that great but it was still San Diego and I got to walk to the beach, so no complaints here. My trip was mainly focused on exhibiting at a trade show. That took up about 2 days. In between I frequented the hotel bar as well as the local bars in the Gaslamp District. I also got to see the Lakers get their asses whooped. No fun for me. Ben flew in on Friday and we partied with friends. I'm talking Cinco de Mayo in San Diego. I got back to my hotel at 5:30 in the morning. I'll post those pictures later, after I'm done screening them.

On Wednesday night I went to see my friend Carri, who slaved away with me when we both worked for Monster. Now she’s got her own business and I’ve got mine and we’re both stressed in a good way. The most exciting part about visiting Carri was meeting her 10-month-old daughter Kaya for the first time. She has got to be the smartest kid I’ve ever met. She’s already walking, she has 4 teeth and she’s learning sign language. And when she laughs or screams or whatever, she gives it 150%. Every smile was a complete effort on her part. She also rubs her nose when she sucks her thumb. Isn’t she just so cute???


Stacy said...

no fair screening...those would be the best ones I imagine!
That baby is so cute! I think I want on...don't hold me to that though...

Christine said...

BABY! So so so cute. Those pictures are adorable.

I loved the Gaslamp district when I visited San Diego. Actually that whole downtown waterfront was fun to stroll in.