Quick Yet Effective

Ben has never had email at work. Actually, I take that back. He has never had email that he could either a)receive from outside the company or b)not share with somebody else in the office. In his new-ish job, he finally has regular old email, all to himself. I know that he's always swamped, so I tend to keep my emails to him very short, just so he doesn't have to devote too much of his work time to paying attention to me. But when he emails back it's always something that makes me LOL. Today's emails went like this:

me: My horoscope says that we should play racquetball tonight.

him: That's funny mine says I'm going to kick your ass.

me: Your planets must be in the delusional alignment.

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hot babe said...

I read this title & am dirty & hope it's not a double entandre... and if it is, then at least he's effective?