Forgetting the Obvious

I cannot reveal who said this, because that would just be embarrassing for this person. Nevertheless, I must share the very brief phone conversation that recently took place:

Me: Hey, do you still have those jerseys?

Him: Which ones?

Me: The ones you bought at the last game.

Him: Oh yeah, I do.

Me: Can you bring them to the game on Friday? We’ll give them away as door prizes.

Him: OK, but there’s one problem. I sort of shoved them in a bag 2 weeks ago and haven’t taken them out. They’re all wrinkled.

Me: So can you iron them?

Him: Um…ok I guess. But I don’t have the thing to do that with.

Me: silent pause. You mean an IRON???


BigDubb said...

We always refer to it as a wrinkle removing adjustable heated metal plate.

Doesn't everyone?

What is this Iron used as a noun you speak of?

Kiddo78 said...

Thanks for the laugh. That's awesome.

Josh said...

bah..sometimes the brain just farts and you forget an obvious word. happens to everyone.