Zach Braff = HI-LA-RI-OUS

I love me some Scrubs. Since the first season I have enjoyed the sarcastic humor of Dr. Cox. One of my favorite scenes is when he’s passing by one of the nurses and a quick passer-by conversation takes place:

Nurse: Dr. Cox, would you like a home-baked brownie?
Dr. Cox: No thanks, I’ve already had diarrhea.

That’s good shit, no pun intended.

I also love me some Zach Braff. He’s got that quirky humor that makes him so unique. I love his fantasy scenes and the fact that he acknowledges that he talks to himself in his head. This morning I discovered that Zach has a blog. It looks like it was originally intended to promote Garden State, which was excellent by the way. But he has kept it up, even adding a video post. He even puts some rumors to rest, like that he’s not engaged and that he is indeed the gay love interest of the new James Bond. Gotta love it.


blog Portland said...

Garden State is an excellent movie. I whined about having to watch it, thinking for sure Scrubs is the only thing Zach could make work. I at my words on that one.

lynne said...

I love Scrubs!! It is such a funny show.

I'm also adicted to the Office-do you watch that? I totally have a crush on the guy who plays Jim, probebly because he reminds me of my husband...but he's actually kind of cross between cutie Jim and weirdo Dwight...