Christmas Fun

Well Christmas is over and I am back in Portland. We arrived in southern CA on the 24th and it was 81 degrees. Luckily I was prepared and wore flip flops, which had to be resurrected from their hibernation in my basement. Christmas Eve was the traditional meeting of families at my parent’s house for more Polish food than an entire country could consume. The only missing people were my brother and his wife but I’m not going to go into that because it’s totally stupid and childish and I’m not gong to waste all of your lives with it.

Christmas morning was spent opening presents at Ben’s parents’ house. We got the usual stuff for our house as well as some cash money. The hot tub fund is growing!

The 26th was spent with old friends. We went to meet up with our friend Ryan, who happens to be my ex and Ben’s best friend. Ryan is how I met Ben. Ryan gave us a huge surprise, our friend Eric was in town. We hadn’t seen Eric in 9 years. We also met his 8-year old son for the first time. He is a total hippie just like his dad. Turns out Eric lives in Eugene. We’re in the same state!!! So we went to a park in Pasadena, right across from the Rose Bowl, and played Frisbee golf. I had never played before, but I had a blast. After that, we drove to see my brother and his wife, since they bailed on everybody the night before. After an hour, we went back out and met up with Ryan and more old friends. I had forgotten what it was like to hang out with all guys. Let’s just say that the insults were flying all over the place, I actually had a ton of fun with the boys. I also had In-N-Out for the first time in 2 years. I can’t believe I went without it for that long and survived.

The 27th was spent with my brother. His wife was out running errands so Ben and I went over there and played pool. I mostly played with the dogs. That night Ben’s parents, my parents and we went out to dinner together. It was our way of thanking them for letting us borrow their car, sleep at their house and generally for their hospitality. We also managed to somewhat convince them all to move to Portland. The seed has definitely been planted, now it just needs a little coaxing. My parents are planning on flying up here in May to look at some condos. Yay!!! We flew back yesterday, the dogs were soooo excited. I love that.

So Ben went to work this morning and I am sitting around in my pj’s drinking coffee and watching TV. Eventually I will do some laundry and clean a little. The party is on Saturday so I need to get the house ready. I can’t wait!


BigDubb said...

Erin and I aren't doing anything for New Year's eve, I wish we lived in portland, we'd have maybe two parties to check out

Josh said...

didja make it to in-n-out ?

ab said...

You know I made it to in-n-out. I wish I would have had time to make it to Tommy Burger. Next year definitely.