Boys Are Funny

Over Thanksgiving we were hanging out with friends, talking about a New Year's party we're attending.

Ben: You know what, I just had the best idea. Next Halloween we should have a party. And it could be an 80s sitcom theme. And everybody has to come dressed as an 80s sitcom character.

Me: Sweetie, we went to a party like that 2 years ago. You were Tony Danza. You walked around wearing an apron and vacuuming things.

Ben: There was lots of vodka at that party wasn't there?

Me: You were the bartender.

Ben: This explains a lot.


katie said...

I'm dying over the Tony Danza costume! Please tell me you were Mona?

ab said...

Actually, I was part of an ensemble. A bunch of us came as the complete cast of Charles in Charge. I was Jaime.

Christine said...

That's hilarious. Oh, but now I read your comment and got the Charles in Charge theme song in my head...I want, i want charles in charge of me.

Orchid Lover said...

I would have loved to see a picture of that! It's a great idea for a Halloween party and yes, being the bartender does bring out memory "withdrawls" from time to time. Sounds like a fun party

lynne said...

That made me laugh so hard-sounds exactly like my husband!