We spent Thanksgiving just kickin it with friends and not worrying about a thing. It was great.

The next morning, I saw an email from my Mom. She told me that after Thanksgiving, she always starts thiking about my birthday. Since it falls before Christmas, it's naturally the next holiday. Then, to my surprise, she sent me this picture that I haven't thought about in years.

This was taken on 12/12/1982, my 8th birthday. Here's what ran through my mind as I opened the picture:

1. My birthday is in the middle of December. I am wearing a sun dress and was totally tan. I really miss living in L.A.

2. Check out the 80s side ponytail. Oh yeah baby.

3. My nose is still that exact same size. I don't think it ever grew.

4. That year I got a Walkman casette player with those foam headphones. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

5. That day I got in a fight with my brother and wound up riding my bike for like 4 hours because I wanted to get away from him bugging me. Again, the middle of December. I miss L.A.

6. That was my most favorite dress. I cried for days when it didn't fit me anymore.


ab said...
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Kiddo78 said...

It was hard to get into your comments area. Anyway, YAY for the "retro" AB photo! Cute!! You share the same birthday as my friend Tara. We thought it was pretty cool to go out for her 21st birthday, in Minnesota, without a coat on that night...

katie said...

I still don't think my comments are working. I left 2 yesterday!

stacy said...

o.k. did this post?

ab said...

I changed back to the boring old Blogger template. Sorry about the comment issues.