The Wig Returns!!!

Remember The Wig? If not, read about the phenomenon here.

I thought I had seen the last of the wig. BUT NO. Just as he had exited my life, he was thrust right back in. And just in time, too. I've had nothing to blog about lately! Are you ready for this craziness?

So yesterday I was house shopping with our new realtor. Side note: I'm not moving. Ben & his brother are flipping homes for investment purposes. Ben wants to make us rich. How can I not love this man? Now on with the story.

We were walking through this horrible piece of shit house with our new realtor. I walk outside, ready to get back in the realtor's car, when the next realtor pulls up with a client. That client being THE WIG. Looking at the exact same house. Now, Ben had never seen the wig before. He had only heard about him as all of you had. But I didn't need to say a single word when the wig exited the car. Ben looked at him, he looked at me, and I was about to explode inside. Ben just shot me this look of "Oh my god it's HIM, isn't it?" across the car. And I almost peed right there in the driveway.

Of course, not a single camera was present within a 25 mile radius.


katie said...

See, you do need a camera phone! This guy is stalking you!

BigDubb said...

get a goddamn camera phone miz VP. who cares if your taking pics of boobies. Uh, you know my email.... Just incase you wanted to share.

I wanna see the wig

Stacy said...

That s so funny!It may have something to do with the fact you are aware of *the wig* so now your on subconscience wig patrol.I was that way when I was pregnant...not about the wig but other pregnant woman.I had never seen so many as when I was.I also need to see the wig by the way.