Hot List

My parents were doing some serious spring cleaning at their house in So Cal a couple of weeks ago. They came upon some of my really really old stuff and decided to send me a package. I had so much fun going through it all trying to figure out what the significance of the Taco Bell salt packet was...and why did I think that this one boy was cute when he so obviously tried to look like Pauley Shore. ON PURPOSE. Then I stumbled upon a document so ancient that the edges were turning yellow. It was a list I had made back in 1984. 4th grade. I was 10 years old. It was the summer that the Olympics were in L.A., and I lived there. This list contained the 10 famous boys that I wanted to marry. Get ready, as this is quite embarrassing. I felt it necessary to add comments because I like to comment. Please please please keep in mind...I WAS 10.

Boys I Want To Marry (In order of importance)

1. Ricky Schroeder (he was just so damn cute on Silver Spoons with his blonde hair and train going through his living room.)

2. Alfonso Ribeiro (the ethnic equivalent of Ricky Schroeder)

3. Michael J. Fox (I had just seen Back to the Future)

4. Theo Huxtable

5. Huey Lewis (God that's embarrassing)

6. All the boys in Menudo

7. Eddie Van Halen (I'm gagging)

8. John Baker from CHiPS. (I was never too hot on Erik Estrada)

9. George Michael from Wham! (I had no clue)

10. Prince (I think I only put this because my best friend Crystal was in love with him at the time).

So this brings me to the present day hot list. Have you married/commitment people done this? It's the celebrities that, if approached, you would be allowed to sleep with without repercussions. I know Ben has CZ Jones and Ashley Judd at the top of his list. Here's mine:

1. Jack Johnson
2. Lenny Kravitz when he had just cut off his dreads...not so much present day look.
3. George Clooney
4. Tom Selleck when he was on Magnum PI and when he was on Friends.
5. This one guy who was on Road Rules...I think his name is Dan (not the gay one, the other Dan)
6. Brad Pitt
7. Matt Daymon (not so much for his face, but his deep voice & everything below the neck)
8. Cuba Gooding Jr.

OK and there's 2 women on my list...gotta be open minded about these things...

9. Rebecca Romijn
10. Gwen Stefani


Christine said...


I love that you included Alfonso Ribeiro. I was obsessed with lists like that when I was 10 too, although unfortunately I did the Like/Hate list about boys in my class and then it ended up in one of their hands. That was a top ten humiliating moment in my childhood. I think he gave it to the teacher who hated me.

Kiddo78 said...

Oh, how awesome! I need to go through all my old junk at my Mom's too. I was only six in 1984, but I also remember liking Ricky Schroeder, George Michael (loved him) and Michael J. Fox. Too funny. When I was ten, in 1988, I remember liking Bret Michaels and my phys ed teacher. Both are still hot.

Kiddo78 said...

Oh, and I liked that Dan from Road Rules too! Do you mean from a season in the late '90s and he was from Minnesota and they partied at his frat house in Minneapolis?? My friend knows him from high school.

ab said...

Yes, him. I don't know what it was, he was just hot as hell to me.

Orchid Lover said...

When I was younger, I just remember having a huge crush on Kirk Cameron. It's funny how embarrassing these things are nowadays :)

katie said...

The fact that Theo Huxtable made the list cracks me up for some reason!

Christine said...

George Michael was totally at the top of my list too, by the way.

Josh said...

1. Selleck is gay. Trust me, it pains me to say it..i was a magnum fan. but my mom works in the biz and finds out the juicy truth about the celebs. and yes..Tom Cruise is bisexual.

2. Kravitz is (or was) the epitome of cool.. but I dont want to ride his schlong

3. Nitpicking, but its DAMON, not Daymon.

4. you have quite an eclectic mix of people you want to marry/bang :)