Change is bad...very bad

Yesterday, for his brithday, Ben wanted to keep it low-key and walk over to our favorite neighborhood pub, Jones'. It used to be this fancy French restaurant that changed themes but kept the same ownership/cook. So it turned into this cool little pub with artwork, good beer & really great food. My 2 favorite things:

Burger. Yes, just a burger. But it was on really good, sweet bread with a side of garlic mashed potatoes.

Mac & Cheese. This would be the fancy variety. 3 different cheeses in a huge bowl. By far my favorite item on the menu.

So yesterday we walked over there. I grabbed a table outside while Ben went inside to get some menus. The menus had changed. They looked different. They still had the burger and mac & cheese. They also offered things like a french dip and soft tacos. So we sit there forever and nobody comes to take our order. Ben goes inside and comes back with a worried look on his face. "I think they changed ownership, this is bad." The beer selection had dwindled tremendously.

When my burger came it was about 1/2 the size of the one I'm used to getting. It also came in a little plastic basket on a shwag bun with a side of Lay's potato chips. Like the picnic variety bag. You know, the one that has like 3 chips in it. Ben's french dip was just shit. There was barely any meat and the bun had obviously been bought at the grocery store down the street. I was so disappointed. I looked inside and noticed that somebody was eating my beloved mac & cheese. They had totally changed that too. It looked disguting. We had to go inside again just to get our check. And the bill was all wrong. They forgot to put our drinks on there. I figure that was my fee for them breaking my heart. I was really disappointed. I loved that place, I always looked forward to sitting outside and enjoying my mac & cheese. I wonder why they changed management. It sucks now.

Still hungry after our disapointing experience, we walked to the store, got a couple of 22's of Paulaner, a basket of onion rings at DQ, and got trashed on our porch. Good times.


katie said...

At least it turned out to be a decent night. Nothing better than getting trashed on the porch!

Christine said...

That's so sad about your neighborhood pub - I've had my heart broken by ownership changes too. :( Glad to hear you salvaged the evening with the 22s. What, no 40s?

BigDubb said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens. It always seems that neighborhood bistros seem to change for the worse more often than changing for the better.

HOpe a new one springs up in your neighborhood for yous twos to enjoy.

Josh said...


1. burger - stanich
2. mac n cheese - montage