I may be a bit behind on getting on the bandwagon. I have always had issues with returning movies to Blockbuster. I have been in collections with Hollywood Video for $8. I own 2 movies from Blockbuster because I never returned them. There's something in me that will not return movies. Not that I want them forever, I just don't feel like returning them.

So I decided to give Netflix a try. It was incredibly easy to sign up and choose movies. We got Kill Bill Vol 1 last Friday. After watching it I immediately went online and requested that Kill Bill Vol 2 be sent next. And wouldn't you know it, I just got an email that it is on its way. And, yes, I returned Vol 1. I already had stuff to mail so I dropped it in the mailbox along with it. What an awesome service!

And let me tell you about Kill Bill Vol 1. Again, I'm late getting on the bandwagon. I know this movie came out a long time ago & everybody and their mother has seen it. It was my first time on Friday & I loved it. My favorite part was when Lucy Liu was laying down the law in her meeting where one of the guys questioned her leadership. She yelled so loud, it was a little chilling. Don't mess with her ass. Then the cliffhanger at the end made me literally yell "NO!!!" out lould. So I'm really excited to get part 2 now. Please don't anybody tell me that it sucks, because I will be really disappointed.


katie said...

This is one bandwagon I may never jump on. I loathe movies. They bore me to tears. I know, I'm weird. I just get SO antsy sitting there for 2 hours!

BigDubb said...

YOu picked a good one to get on the band wagon with. One hell o fa movie.

The second one is just as good, but a different kind of movie.

For a kid who hung out saturday afternoons watching kungfu theatre on USA network, it was a dream come true.

Josh said...

the second one is cool..though i think youll be a bit sad, because to the best of my recollection, the pussy wagon isnt in it :(

ab said...

I loved the 2nd one. Yes, even though the Pussy Wagon was not in it. When she first saw her daughter was the best part. Well that and how she took out Darryl Hannah's eye. That was awesome.