Busy Bee

I have been so busy lately that my poor blog has been on the back burner. Here's the stuff that's taking over my life lately:

1. Work. Of course. This seems to be happening to everybody lately. I'm helping to run an agency & all of the tiny details are adding up. My to-do list is huge. But, it will all get done.

2. The gym. I've been kickboxing like a mad woman. Apparently an hour of kickboxing for a person of my weight burns about 675 calories. Sweet! 3 times a week and I should be bikini ready in no time!

3. Travel. I'm going to Atlanta to exhibit at a trade show the first week of May. Getting ready for this is insane. Again with the little details. I'm so glad I'm organized.

4. Visitors. My brother in-law and his wife are visiting all of next week from San Francisco. Should be fun.

5. Babies. No not mine (although I've been getting a bit of baby fever lately). I have 2 friends in San Diego who are both having babies in June. Must go visit them both.

That's about it. And even though I may not be commenting as often, I'm still reading your blogs, Katie, BigDubb, Josh, Kiddo, Dan, Derek & Orchid Lover!!!


katie said...

Wow, you are busy! I need to try this kickboxing thing. Sounds like a great workout.

Babies....exciting!!! I love babies and can't wait to have a housefull.

BigDubb said...

You have been busy. don't forget to celebrate tomorrow.

Josh said...

if ya like kickboxing..or want a freakin good workout..try krav maga. i took it in Los Angeles. its the israeli self-defense technique taught to their army and special forces..as well as many police forces around here and ranked as the #1 rape prevention martial art..etc. some movie celebs were in my classes once in a while..anyways..ive never worked my ass off so hard, got in awesome shape, and felt like i could kick major ass..its awesome.
yes its up in pdx.
thanks for readin my blog consistently btw :)
no worries that yer busy though.."Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."