What Sets Me Apart

Here's a list of things that I think are weird about me. Thanks, Katie, for the idea.

1. I have to have some sort of air freshner or scented candle actively going in any room that I am in for more than an hour. I have a car air freshner, I have a vanilla scented candle burning right now in my home office. My bathroom has a plug-in freshner as does almost every room in my house. I don't over-do it, but I need to be able to smell it at least just a little bit. I also need to smell something when I walk in the house.

2. I am obsessed with candy. I haven't had any candy since the Altoids incident I wrote about a couple of months ago. But, when I buy a package of candy I can't stop eating it even for a second. I have to eat the whole thing. This is why I don't buy candy anymore.

3. I love to organize stuff. Anything and everything. When I first started my job I took over for a guy who was the most disorganized person on earth. His filing system was called piles. I quickly put everything in binders labeled nicely, all of the pages facing the same way. Along those lines, I can't stand it when a piece of paper sticks out of a binder. Everything needs to be alined perfectly. If it's sticking out I will open the binder to that page and fold it over so it doesn't stick out anymore.

4. I am addicted to buying purses. When I go into a department store for, say, underwear, I will just stand in the purse section and stare. Pretty soon I start to justify why that particular Nine West bag would be so very cute on me. If I put one on my shoulder and it looks cute it's all over, I HAVE to buy it. So I try to restrain myself and not touch any of them.

5. I know the words to almost ever pop, hip hop, rock and rap song that has come out from 1987 to the present day. Anything that is/was popular and got a lot of radio time, I could recite all the words. I can also identify any of these songs just by hearing the first few notes. I tried to get on Rock N Roll Jeopardy when it was on TV (Jeff Probst hosted it), but I was never able to fly to L.A. for the auditions.


cantseefade said...

Any song from 1987 on eh? Try this one:
"What's up, you say you wannna be down, ease back, a muthaf***er get beat down. Outta my face, fool I'm the illest, bulletproof, I die harder than Bruce Willis."

P.S. Its a rap song.
P.P.S. No cheating.

katie said...

I LOVE candy as well. I will eat the entire bag in one sitting.

I too love organization. I am very anal and neat. I always thought it would be a fun job to organize people's lives.

c1h2a3p4 said...

I love Reeses's peanut butter cups.

ab said...

Hehe...I haven't thought of that one in a long time! "So many ho's on my jock think I'm a movie star." Ice T baby!

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Stumpy time... from 1986

"U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY!
Yo' mama says you ugly!"--
"You're ugly, yerr ugly, yo Mamma said yerr ugly!"

* maybe too obscure...but from a groundreaking genius. In a movie.

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Answer is.... LL Cool J.

Figured you might be a Cool J fan.

Maybe a rap he would love to forget.. and maybe the first time a rap was featured in a movie.

Wildcats 1986 w/ Goldie Hawn, Woody H, and Wesley Snipes is one of those weird guity pleasures. A HS football comedy.
The Cheerleaders are the funniest cheer squad in any movie.
They rap "Yo Mamma" with LL Cool J at the end.

Wesley's comments on the competing team mascos.
" If they're the cougars, how come they got a goat? " What are we b--ches about? We got a dog dressed like a cat."