I got my ice cream...and you ain't got none...cause you're on welfare!

Apparently Yahoo! turns 10 years old today. And to celelbrate, they are giving away free Baskin Robbins ice cream. Just go here to download a coupon.

And if anybody can name the famous person who said the ice cream line above, you will be my hero for the day.


BigDubb said...

I love burgers on wonderbread with peppers.

I won't say but I know.....

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Funny line from a verry funny dude.
I believe he sang about my girl liking to party all the time!( a real 80's oddity).

Now do I win some ice cream? I would prefer Pivo! Or pivo and galumpky!

*I wandered in from Fugerland, Your spring shot, me-gaah, since I shoveled a foot of snow last night.

ab said...

Big Dubb, I love you & all, but t-man-sam has to win today. he/she named a Polish food...in Polish no less! And beer...in Polish! Holy crap!

BigDubb said...

Mad props to the he/she (I have ye to click on the link). I can't compete with that.

It is like I am a female contestant on AI, looking over at all the mens, knowing I just aint got it...

T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Gin Dobja!! whoo-hoo!

Unnh the singing visigoth part was done for laughs... They were marauding rapers and pillagers. I doubt they had a sensitive or feminine side... So the Man part applies even tho I am a regressive on the evolutionary ladder.

OK, Agnie I have a brilliant book suggestion for you!
Absolutely pick up Keith Maillards 'The Clarinet Polka' an amazing read. (*Maillard is an American teaching at UBC just north of you).

It is sad and brilliantly funny, the story of a Polish community in Pennsylvania.
If you have ever been to any eastern Euro wedding etc you will love it.... Also, how most of your life you have had to explain your culture?? Well he nails this stuff!

Trust me, you will become a-social until you've finished it!

--I am not Polsky-but I have been. Wielieszka--- there is one of the most unique places in the world, where Walt Disney stole all his characters from.