I am usually a big fan of monkeys. I can always relate to Homer Simpson in that one episode where he's in a TV store looking at 2 TV sets. One is showing something depressing like starving children. Homer says, "So sad". The he turns to his right and sees the other TV, which is apparently showing monkeys, because he laughs like a little boy and says "Hehe, monkeys are silly." This is the same way I look at monkeys. They crack my shit up just by being monkeys. That is, until I discovered scary, evil monkeys. I wouldn't want to come across these guys in a dark alley.

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BigDubb said...

I used to like monkeys. Then I saw one shit in his hand then eat it.

Scat is just such a turn off.

BTW, love the new pic on your profile. Now your more than just a pixilized blur to me.