Run For The Border!!!

Having lived in Southern California most of my life I got lots of exposure to the illegal immigration issue. If you don't already know (like you've been living under a rock and never attended elementary school), California borders Mexico. So you could imagine my simultaneous delight and sheer horror when I came cross this little gem.

Apparently, all women in Mexico are hoochies and all men have mustaches. But of course!

Guide for the Mexican Migrant

Distributed by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations


BigDubb said...

I remembered the first time I saw the crossing immigrants sign on the 5 going north from San Diego. I just about died. I mean that is way different from a duck crossing sign and a deer crossing sign.

I especially found it endearing that there was a whole family. A Dad, Mom, and Daughter, all holding hands. Like, don't hit one you'll wreck the set.

Anonymous said...

Wow - very surprising. "Here's a guide on how to illegally immigrate..." And there's actually "Crossing Immigrants" signs?? Wow - I want to see one.