Blog of Choice

Every morning I click on "favorites" and visit the blogs of people I have never met but really really want to go out and have drinks with. Here's one of my favorites.

Here's why I like it and you should too:

1. It's simple and clean.

2. Daily pictures, sometimes they're artsy with cool effects.

3. I live on the West Coast. I like reading about what people in other cities/states are up to.

4. You can read the entire history of the blog, which is coming up on a year, in under an hour and feel like you got to know this person just a little bit more.

5. She's consistent and posts daily.

6. She talks aboout her friends & the stuff they do. "Bloodies and brunch" is an ongoing theme. Cool!

7. She's the same age as me. How do I know? Because her blog is also about turning 30. Instantly, I can relate.

8. She leaves her work life pretty much out of it, although sometimes it sneaks in there.

9. She just got engaged. Congrats Holly!

10. Back to #1, it's simple & clean. Nothing complicated involved.

What blogs do you like?

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BigDubb said... (used to be a lot better, He has found fame again and it is turning into a personal marketing blog. Interest is waining)

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