Total Ass

There was a radio interview recently with Billy Korgan (formerly of the Smashing Pumpkins). By the way, I have no idea if I spelled his name correctly. The man doesn't deserve my time to research the correct spelling of his name. Back to the interview.

Apparently His Royal Highness has come out with a book of poems. The radio interview went something like this:

DJ: Thank you for joining us today, Billy.
BK: Good to be here
DJ: I understand you're doing a book signing in town today.
BK: Correct
DJ: Now your book, I understand there is a personal connection in it for you.
BK: What do you mean?
DJ: Your book of poetry was due in large part to the inspiration you received from your mother.
BK: You mean my DEAD mother?
DJ: [Total silence]
BK: Yes, my deceased mother inspired the book, she was always a great inspiration for my music and writing.....

OK, I don't think the DJ meant anything bad about asking about the inspiration behind the book, it's a typical question. In fact, Billy can be heard in many other interviews saying that his mother inspired the book. So why the hell did he give him so much attitude for bringing it up? Can he have a bigger stick up his ass?

I think he's still bitter about the total and complete failure of the horrible musical catastrophe that was Zwan. But that's just me.

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