San Diego Fires

It was about a year ago this week that San Diego had huge fires. I remember I had flown to Portland for a job interview for the job I have now. Outside of the interview, which went great, the trip was horrible. We were convinced that we didn't want to leave San Diego.

We flew back to San Diego the following Saturday to find huge fires burning all over San Diego. This is a picture my husband took from the drive home. It was Noon.

We were listening to the radio on the way home, we had no idea where the fires were burning. We heard that one fire had just jumped the 15 freeway into Miramar. That was one mile from our house. The dogs were home alone. We were petrified. Luckily the fires did not reach us, although there were some tense hours during the day & night that followed. I will never forget that day.

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