Friends Got da Hook Up

When I first moved to Portland, almost exactly a year ago, I went through some hard times. We moved right at the beginning of winter, and right before the big snow storm. From San Diego, people. This was a huge shock.

It was very difficult for me to adjust to the weather, much less not knowing a single soul in the entire state. That's a difficult fact to accept. We eventually met a cool couple and started hanging out with them.

Last night my friend Don was in town from Seattle. He has decided to leave Seattle and move back down to So Cal. On his drive through Portland, he decided to get all of his friends together for some good times at The Lucky Lab. Suddenly I had all of these new friends. People who moved here from San Diego at the same time as we did. Another couple who worked for the same company I did, just in a different state. All of them were now here in Portland. And did I mention that all of these people are super cool? One of them just opened her own yoga studio. I've been looking for a good yoga class. Synchronicity!

Things come together like that sometimes. Just when you think you're all alone in the world a door opens to entirely new possibilities.

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BigDubb said...

I'm jealous

I live here, have lived here and still have a hard time finding cool people.