The Stink that killed Stink

So remember Willie, the little canine terror I live with? (See photo below)

So last night my husband & I are eating dinner. Home-made taco salad rocks. Willie asks to be let outside, as he ALWAYS does at the exact same time that we're eating dinner. So I let him out. The little man runs back in 5 minutes later & just stinks to high hell. I mean this was the worst smell known to man! The smell that kills all smells. This was stink that they use in the research & development labs at the Tide company to make sure their detergent works. It was the stink from hell. So we locked him up in the office & finished our dinner watching TV in the bedroom. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, then threw the stink monster in the tub & told him just how bad he stinks. Psychology always works on dogs. Trust me.

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